To guaranty the increase of the country’s refining capacity by the development of a 100,000 BOPD Refinery through private investment.


To serve as the driver for the establishment of an industrial hub in the region by placing this investment strategically in a location that will enable the development of petrochemical and transformation industries.

Driven by values, providing insight. Submission of applications will start on 10/24

Refinery Project in Soyo, Zaire Province

Private Investment Opportunity

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Oil (MIREMPET) intends to select an investor with the technical and financial capacity to build, own and operate a modern oil refinery with the capacity to process 100,000 bopd (barrels of crude per day) in Soyo City. , Zaire Province, Angola.

Soyo Refinery Plot

Scope of Work

The Investor shall design, Build, Own and Operate (BOO) an oil refinery in the city of Soyo, capable of refining 100,000 bopd with the following requirements:

  • Feedstock: investor may use any feedstock crude it deems adequate, including the available local crudes
  • Main products: investor shall prioritize the production of diesel followed by gasoline in accordance with the demand.
  • Target Market: investor shall prioritize the local market demand before supplying international markets.



Tender Timeline

10 Oct 2019

Project Presentation in Luanda

22 Oct 2019

Project Presentation in Dubai

24 Oct 2019

Tender Launch Day

24 a 01 Nov 2019

Confirmation of the Intent to Bid (online)

24 a 08 Nov 2019

Confirmation of the Intent to Bid (online)

18 Dec 2019

Submission of the Proposals

19 Dec 2019

Public Act to Open the proposals In Luanda

20 Dec 2019 a 5 Fev 2020

Evaluation of the Proposals

04 Mar 2020

Announcement of the Winner in Luanda